The Magnificent 7

Etzingers` grinding mechanism (etzJET)

Based on the rotating ring / fixed cone burr - combination  directly connected to the micro- / macro adjust, our etzJET ensures maximum performance in many respects. It`s fast, it`s precise, it`s easily adjusted, and it allows for the ground coffee to axially exit the grinder thus achieving amazing results.

Later this year, we will release more etzJET-versions  (light=body made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic instead of zinc die-cast, heavy=stronger motor, super-heavy=stronger motor, 42mm-burrs). 

"Simplicity is the soul of efficiency."

Austin Freeman


Minimum Retention
Maximum Freshness


3.0g - 3.4g/sec LIGHT
3.8g - 5.0g/sec MEDIUM

for Espresso


easy to adjust, clean
maintain & upgrade