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Henry Petroski


Art-no. EJ-M

Grinding mechanism holding motor, belt drive, ring burr and switches

Based on the rotating ring - / fixed cone burr combination directly connected to the macro / micro adjust, our etzJET ensures maximum performance in many respects. It`s fast, it`s precise, it`s easily adjusted and it allows for the ground coffee to axially exit the grinder.

The etzJET may be easily replaced (even by users themselves).

Mini-Hopper (200g) 

including lid and bean-blocker-handle
Art-no. 1-024

Hopper may be easily replaced in no time. Inscribable lid & bean-blocker-handle to write down recipes (setting/roast/seconds or grams). Store up to 4 Mini-Hoppers in our etzFLEXfor4-Rack.

Height complete with Mini-Hopper: 42.5 cm (16.5 in)

Single Dose Device 

Art-no. 1-028

Operate your etzMAX as Single-Dosing-Grinder by replacing the Hopper with our Single Dosing Tool (2-3 shots). 

Color: BLACK


Art-no. 1-017

Directly connected to the cone burr, our macro / micro adjust guarantees maximum possible accuracy as well as repeatability of grind settings.

Macro ring: 28 steps of 0.1-millimeter increments from FINE (1) to COARSE (29)
Micro ring : 10 additional demarcations (0.01mm) for fine tuning (stepless)


Rack for 4 Mini-Hoppers (included)
Art-no. 1-026 and 1-027

Short-time storage of up to 4 different roasts to be replaced in no time.