Based upon profound knowledge in aeronautical engineering and many years of experience as burr manufacturer, our etzMAX-series defines a new grinding solution unmatched on the market.

Our vision has always been to simplify grinding while at the same time ensuring maximum quality. Pulling great shots without wasting neither time nor beans shouldn`t be a science. 

Also, we wanted the system to be easily accessible, thus giving users the opportunity to replace components themselves. 

7 years of research & development reduced to the etzMAX!

Etzingers` grinding mechanism (etzJET)

Based on the rotating ring / fixed cone burr - combination (RRB with Anit-Static Jig)  connected directly to the micro- / macro adjust, our etzJET ensures maximum performance in many respects. It`s fast, it`s precise, it`s easily adjusted, and it allows for the ground coffee to axially exit the grinder thus achieving amazing results. 


etzJET-light and lightF: body made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and ring burr made of machining steel (life-span: around 700kg)
etzJET-m: body made of zinc die-cast and ring burr made of high-quality tool steel (life-span: around 1500-2000kg)
etzJET-plus/filter: including an Extended-Rush-Hour-Feature to maintain minimum heat level when under higher demand (life-span around 2000kg depending on settings/roast)

"Simplicity is the soul of efficiency."

Austin Freeman