Etzingers` RRB grinding mechanism (etzJET)

Based on the rotating ring / fixed cone burr - system (RRB with Anit-Static Jig)  connected directly to the macro (0.1mm) and micro (0.01mm) adjustment, our etzJET ensures maximum performance in many respects.

With low static and minimum retention (around 1g), it allows for the ground coffee to axially exit the grinder thus achieving amazing results. 

Burrs and Burr Geometry have been adapted to motor power and rotating rate so to allow for maximum efficiency (higher speed = lower power consumption), less fines, better particle distribution, constant feed regardless of hopper fill level, minimal warming of ground coffee, accurate settings with maximum repeatability and an identical point of reference for all grinders.

Replaceable etzJET-versions (LT/LM/P) 

etzJET-LT: body made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and ring burr made of machining steel (life-span: around 700kg)
etzJET-LM: body made of zinc die-cast and ring burr made of high-quality tool steel (life-span: up to 1000kg based on use/settings/roast)

etzJET-P: as LM but includes an Extended-Rush-Hour-Feature (Circulation Cooling) to maintain a minimum heat level even when under higher demand 

Our newest version etzMAX X (based on the same RRB mechanism) uses a new AC-motor with an unlimited service time.

"Simplicity is the soul of efficiency."

Austin Freeman