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Marc Benioff

32mm - so what?

June 5th, 2017

Burrs represent the heart of each and every grinder. Only highly efficient burrs allow for grinding at its maximum, thus making up an essential part when going for the perfect shot.

For the past 15 years we have been focusing on enhancing the performance and quality of our conical burrs by playing with materials, different geometries, hardening treatments, ring&cone combinations. Based on our experience and expertise in automation and special engineering, our unmanned 24/7 production process has constantly been boosted. Every single step is being monitored by sophisticated systems to instantly detect and adjust deviations, ergo ensuring maximum possible accuracy of our burrs. Special treatments added to the high-end hardening process maximize durability of the material while simultaneously improving its anti-rust properties. 

The smaller the burr, the smaller the grinding chamber, the lower the grind retention. That`s a fact! And since it has been our aim to minimize residual coffee in the system in order to maximize freshness, we had to reduce to the max, doing more with less.

By adapting our burr sets to the design of the respective grinder, its motor power and reduction ratio to grinding speed, we are capable of meeting individual requirements when providing customized solutions for stand-alone and built-in grinders. We are never not moving.

Despite their size, ETZINGER burrs are built to last and easily outperform bigger conical and flat burrs.