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Henry Petroski


Mini-Hopper (200g) 

including lid and bean-blocker-handle
Art-no. 1-024

Hopper may be easily replaced in no time. Inscribable lid & bean-blocker-handle to write down recipes (setting/roast/seconds or grams). Store up to 4 Mini-Hoppers in our etzFLEXfor4-Rack.

Height complete with Mini-Hopper: 42.5 cm (16.5 in)


Different Versions and Colours

etzFLEXfor2 or etzFLEX for4 (Black / Silver / White)

Store up to 4 Hoppers (200g) in one etzFLEX (etzFLEX for 2 or 4) 

for change of roast in no time

Single Dosing Hopper

Art-no. 1-028

Small Single Dosing Top with lid

Inlet Tube 58

Art-no. 1-012

Inlet Tube (40x58mm) for clean grinding in case of static (58mm)

Filter Kit

Art-no. 1-037

etzMAX only

Filter Kit (to upgrade Espresso to Filter)
including Adjustment w/ Filter Cone, platform & Dosing Cup (75cl)

Extended version (Art-no. 1-053)
including the Portafilter Dosing Cup (70x58mm)