etz-I (etzMAX Handgrinder)

  • 2 versions (TRIM or REGULAR - identical except for body widht)
  • 32mm burrs (Diameter Cone) - especially designed for etz-I
  • Weight: 750g (Regular) 690g (Trim)
  • Width: 60.6/58mm (Cup) 55mm (Body Regular) 47mm (Body Trim)
  • Height: 220mm (Handle retracted)
  • Body: Anodised Aluminum / Movable Parts: Black FRP
  • Bean Capacity: +/- 30g
  • Price: € 240,00 EXW Liechtenstein (excl. VAT)

  • Retractable Crank Lever w/ ergonomic handle
  • RRB-mechanism  (Rotating Ring Burr) w/ AS-Jig (Anti-Static-Jig)
  • Absolute Vernier Scale: 1-23 (88 settings à 0.02mm)
  • Point of reference (1) identical for all grinders (just return to your setting)
  • Magnetic Lid & Collection Cup

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etzMAN (Tabletop Grinder)

  • 2 versions (Basic: grind-by-revolution / W: grind-by-weight)
  • Measurements: 170x245x485mm
  • Width: 245mm with handle in front
  • Length Crank Handle: 220mm 
  • Delivery Content: Grinder w/ suction feet, brushes, glove, AP/etzi-cone
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Colours: Black, Silver, Industrial, White (wooden panel only for Basic Version)
  • Basic Price: EUR 800,00 EXW 
  • etzMAN-W Price: EUR 1`100,00 EXW (available since December 2021) 

  • RRB-mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) w/ AS-Jig
  • 32mm Burrs (smooth cutting to ensure maximum clarity and minimum fines)
  • 0.3-0.6g per revolution (Espresso) - depending on beans/degree of roast/setting and cone
  • Grinding straight from Hopper to Portafilter
  • Weight-based version: 3 settings (Audio alert when reaching target)
  • Suction feet for better stability on smooth surfaces 
  • 2 cones: AP for traditional roasts and/or Pour Over, ETZI for lighter roasts

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