etz-I (etzMAX Handgrinder)

We not just wanted to simplify (manual) grinding by aiming for ease of use, we also wanted to further focus on the grinding part itself, more specifically the burrs - the core of each and every grinder.

Based on our RRB-mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) with its AS-Jig, initially introduced years ago when launching SETTE (Baratza) and etzMAX, Etzinger now sets new standards in manual grinding .. with a fresh design available in two versions (Trim & Regular), retractable crank w/ ergonomic handle, magnetically attached lid and collection cup as well as a single-piece absolute vernier scale.

Rotating hollow shafts to eliminate disturbing center mechanics ensure for your etz-I to be quickly filled and ready-for-use. Thanks to the external vernier scale (identical point of reference for all grinders), it`s really easy to adjust and to return to your setting after cleaning. Opened with a flick of the wrist (literally), swiftly cleaned and reassembled without any tools or screws, this is what etz-I is all about. Although not totally necessary but nice to have, is the retractable crank ensuring for space-saving storage thus enabling users to easily stow and pack the grinder - or to just show it off next to the coffee machine.

The etz-I has been designed for users enjoying easy, quick and hygienic handling & assembling, customers who prefer to keep it plain and simple, who want to have a shot (literally) at enjoying a decent cup of coffee even if they don`t know much about PSD, RDT or burr geometries.  

"Science is about knowing, Engineering is about doing"
Henry Petroski

"Physics is the law, everything else is a recommendation."

Elon Musk